Sexy, flirty Adult Costumes can be so much fun.  You can find costumes that will make you look like a celebrity. But what about the famous DEAD celebrities who live on every Halloween or through the eyes of impersonators

Dead Celebrity One:  Elvis will live on forever.  Not only with Elvis impersonators who make their living being Elvis but every Halloween or Halloween costume contests always has at least one unique Elvis.

Remember this outfit from  “Aloha From Hawaii”?Elvis costume

Elvis the Pelvis – made a lot of women shiver in this famous suit from his 1973 performance.  Dazzle even the smallest fan in this timeless classic just like the King.  You will love the comfortable and flexible synthetic material.  This Elvis outfit comes in mostly white, a star-spangled “eagle” beaded and embroidered appliqué across the front, star embellishments on sleeves, and a zip front low v-neck with high collar and wide lapels. Also included is an equally detailed wide belt that features four American eagle emblems on the large buckles, and dangling gold pocket chains hang from the belt at each hip. Finishing this ensemble is a brilliant red scarf and flared pant leg insets to match. Now you have yourself a suit that is ready to rock and roll!

  • Available in Men’s Sizes: Large and X-Large.
  • Includes: Jumpsuit, Belt, Scarf.
  • Wig and sunglasses may be purchased separately.
  • Shoes are not included.
  • Invite friends to dress as rock legends for a great group costume!

Dead Celebrity Two:  Marilyn MonroeDead celebrity Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – every mans fantasy.  A quick blast from the subway and Marilyn Monroe was a sexy vixen in white.  Feel like Marilyn wearing this seductive dress with its halter neckline and flared skirt.  Movie magic awaits you.  A great Marily costume for Halloween or celebrity theme costume parties. Looking for plus size marilyn monroe costume

  • Available in adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.
  • Includes: Dress.
  • Does not include shoes or wig.
  • Hosting a soiree that is worthy of Tinseltown’s finest? Be sure to pick up the Hollywood Deluxe Party Kit and your shindig will be red-carpet-ready in no time!
  • Officially licensed by Marilyn Monroe™ .

2006 TM Marilyn Monroe, LLC by CMG Worldwide, Inc.

Dead Celebrity Three:  Michael Jackson Dead celebrity Michael Jackson

One of the greatest videos of the century.  Michael Jackson will never be forgotten, he changed music videos with costumes and choreography.

Dedicate your Halloween to paying  homage to the late great King of Pop in the Michael Jackson Thriller costume.  Wear this  ruby red jacket with black V accent in the front and matching pants.  Make your Halloween a Thriller night and have a celebrity theme party.

  • Available in Adult sizes: Medium and Large.
  • Includes: Jacket, Pants.
  • Does not include gloves, socks, glasses or shoes.
  • This is an officially licensed Michael Jackson™ product.

Dead Celebrity Four:

You may want to dress like a dead celebrity because you resemble them in some way or you may want to do a tribute style costume.  There are two ways to dress as a dead celebrity at Halloween. For authentic or tribute-style dressing, pick a celebrity that one somewhat resembles. For a parody costume, anything goes. Consider a portly Michael Jackson, as in Weird Al Jankovic’s “Eat It” spoof of Michael Jackson’s song “Beat It.”

Recently Deceased Celebrities are on the Top Costume List again for 2010

It might sound like a great idea to emulate a deceased personality but not every celebrity will be easily recognized like Michael Jackson or Elvis.  Recently deceased celebrities like Patrick Swayze or Farrah Fawcett are not so easy.  Although with Farrah you could find a wig in her famous style.

  • Marilyn Monroe – a costume above, blonde wig and her famous beauty mark
  • Steve Irwin – This one is easy, buy a khaki shirt and shorts, throw on some boots,and carry a stuffed crocodile
  • Groucho Marx – if you can’t remember him click on the name and find a photo.  He had thick eyebrows and moustache, with round glasses, and his famous cigar
  • Audrey Hepburn – upswept hairdo, pearls, elegant black dress and cigarette holder
  • Carmen Miranda – fruit-filled headdress, off-the-shoulder blouse, skirt
  • John Wayne – cowboy boots and hat
  • Andy Warhol – shaggy white wig, black stare
  • Anna Nicole Smith – much like Marilyn with red, red lipstick, blonde wig, push up bra and clothes to show off your cleavage.
  • Marlene Dietrich – top hat, blonde wig, tuxedo
  • Liberace – high hair , flamboyant jewellery with lots of bling and a fur or feather-edged cape
  • Sonny Bono – shaggy brown wig, floppy moustache, sheepskin vest
  • John Lennon – buy granny glasses, bell bottoms, long brown wig, chain with peace sign

Dead Celebrities by date.