Looking for the best angel wings for your Christmas costume?  We have feather, fabric, white, black, gold, lacey wings for adults and children.

black angel feather wings

black angel wings

Available in Black or White – perfect for a variety of costumes!

Made of real feathers, has elastic shoulder straps, measures approximately 22″ tall. One size fits most adults and children.

* Available in either Black or White.
* One-Size fits most Adults and Children.

feather child angel wings

feather child angel wings

White feathers for Halloween or Christmas

Complete her angel costume with the right set of wings. Features one pair of white angel-inspired wings made of soft feathers. Now she’s ready to float on a cloud, playing the harp and singing praises to the heavens for all eternity.

* Available in One Size Fits Most Kids.
* Includes: Wings.
* Approximate wing measurements: 17″ W x 17″ L.
* Pair with any angel disguise for one perfect piece of paradise.

Pretty child angel wings for Halloween or Christmas

pretty child angel wings with feathers

A beautiful heavenly angel!

Complete any angelic disguise with these wings. Includes one pair of wings that feature a sheer design trimmed with fluffy marabou and decorated with a feather print.

* Available in One-Size fits most children.
* Includes: Wings. Does not include: Dress or halo.

Gold velvet angel wings

velvet angel wings

A Golden look fit for a Goddess.

Looking for a heavenly look this Halloween? Complete your angelic look with this golden set of accessories! The Velvet Angel Wings and Halo include a gold lacy halo and matching gold velvet thick wings.

* Includes: Halo, Wings.

black feather angel wings

black feather angel wings

Fly into the dark.

Black Feather Angel Wings are for more than angels. How about a flying monkey, dark fairy or dark gothic angel? Whatever costume you are looking for, these deluxe black wings made with feathers are a great finishing touch.

* One size fits most adults.
* Leotard and tights are not included.

beast wings

black feather angel wings

Challenge him if you dare!

He escaped from the fiery pit below and flies amongst the ghouls and gargoyles. The Deluxe Demon Adult Costume Kit features a grey vinyl chest piece and grey retractable wings that span an amazing 8 feet. Character horns and teeth are also included in this demonic design. Swoop down and storm into your next Halloween party like a bat straight out of damnation!

* Available in One-Size fits most adults.
* Includes: Chest piece, teeth, horns and wings.
* Shirt, pants and shoes are not included.
* Check out our Deluxe Demon Adult Costume Kit for a freakishly terrifying group theme.

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